Leon Fan, owner of Kenning Energy Technology Global, Inc.

The Seymour Community Development Corporation (SCDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

SCDC is dedicated to making Seymour a vibrant, progressive community with a strong faith in God and in each other. We are committed to educational excellence and an enhanced quality of life in a safe, clean, crime-free environment. It's our desire to provide growth and job opportunities through economic development. We encourage growth of diverse businesses and industry through enterprising use of community facilities, advanced technology, airport and highways.

The SCDC meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at noon.

Our board members are:

1. Clifton Talley, President
2. Leslie Hardin, Hospital CEO, Vice President
3. Jeff Gregg, Treasurer
4. Ronald Hostas, Secretary
5. John W. Studer, Executive Director
6. Travis Clark, Baylor County Commissioner
7. City Administrator - Position Open
8. Ronald Reeves - Mayor
9. Dr. John Baker, SISD Superintendent
10. Lauren Bush
11. Jim Novak
12. Dan Craighead
13. Bill Brown

Our latest project was the with Leon Fan, owner of Kenning Energy Technology Global, Inc., signed property contracts with both the City of Seymour and the Seymour Community Development Corporation (SCDC) to locate and base his USA location in Seymour. The company purchased an
approximately 25000 square foot building from the city. They also purchased an additional 10 acres in the SCDC Business Park to build and expand upon. Mr. Fan will assemble and distribute his “on site” wind generators from the Seymour location to the U.S. markets from a China manufacturing faciltity. Plans are to make a manufacturing facility here at some point in time. The renewable energy generators are about the size of a roof mounted air conditioning unit. They will generate electricity from available wind and utilize the electricity produced at the site where the unit is located. It promises to be efficient at low wind velocities and is low maintenance. The new company is projected to employ approximately 50
persons within one or two years. An exact schedule of when the company
plans to start will come in the near future.

Contact us and let us show you what Seymour can do for your company.

Clifton Talley
Seymour Community Development Corporation
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